CSU, Chico News

Children’s Hospital Recognizes CSU, Chico’s Record Fund-raising

Date: 05-15-2007

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is featuring California State University, Chico in its new marketing video following the University’s record-breaking fund-raising during 2006-07.

CSU, Chico was first among 215 colleges and universities in the United States by raising a record $187,000 for St. Jude during the current academic year. Since St. Jude began its college-based fund-raising efforts, no school has raised more money or had more participation. CSU, Chico had 1,540 students and other volunteers write 29,500 letters requesting support for St. Jude; both numbers were new records.

St. Jude, the largest childhood cancer research center in the world, treats children from all 50 states as well as foreign countries without regard to ability to pay. In 1998 it initiated campus fund-raising involving student volunteers – highlighted by the Up ’til Dawn letter-writing event – and has gained $16 million from that effort to date.

“We are grateful to the students and staff of Chico State University for their commitment to St. Jude,” said Dave McKee, chief operating officer of St. Jude. “What an accomplishment to contribute more than any Up ’til Dawn program has ever raised in a single year. It speaks highly of your campus to be so far away from St. Jude and yet have such a strong connection to our mission of finding cures and saving children. It is powerful to see how today’s college students are helping St. Jude patients so that they may grow up and go to college, too.”

"Good communities are giving communities, and the Up ’til Dawn program affirms year after year the generosity that defines Chico State,” said CSU, Chico President Paul Zingg. “Supporting St. Jude underscores that our generosity has no bounds or borders. It reaches far beyond our campus and region because it connects us to humanity’s common challenges and enables each participant in this program to make a difference. People count on Chico State for good reason – we deliver and we lead."

Amy Jackson, St. Jude collegiate marketing, said Chico is featured in its new video as the hospital reaches out to new volunteers for the coming year. Several hundred college students will first see the video at an orientation session in July in Memphis, Tenn., where St. Jude is located. “Several studies have pointed to this being the most philanthropic generation to come along in some time,” said Jackson. “We are very grateful for that trend.”

Larry Bassow, program coordinator for Greek Life and adviser to the event, said CSU, Chico students first held an Up ’til Dawn event in 2001 and raised $20,000. Last year, CSU, Chico was surpassed in fund-raising only by Memphis State. Bassow said the student leaders for 2007-08 have already begun meeting and planning next year’s activities.