CSU, Chico News

Splat! Annual Pumpkin Drop Oct. 30

Date: 10-22-2008

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

One of California State University, Chico’s most popular seasonal traditions returns Thursday, Oct. 30, with the 21st annual Pumpkin Drop at noon on the south side of Butte Hall.

As in past years, CSU, Chico physics students will introduce Galileo Galilei’s legendary visit to the Tower of Pisa to demonstrate his Law of Falling Bodies. Galileo reputedly dropped a large ball and small ball at the same time, and when both hit the ground together, he proved his theory.

CSU, Chico students will re-enact this great moment in the history of science using pumpkins dropped from the top of seven-story Butte Hall.

Beyond-the-grave visits are expected as host Albert Einstein and Aristotle, Galileo and Isaac Newton each explain their theories of gravity.

The event is always popular with college students as well as schoolchildren invited to campus for a fun and very visual science lesson.

For the grand finale, pumpkins will be dropped in time to the cannon blasts of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.”

For more information, contact physics Professor David Kagan at 898-6259.