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Winter Museum Without Walls Programs Announced

Date: 01-23-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Greg Liggett
Northern California Natural History Museum

The Northern California Natural History Museum (NCNHM) at California State University, Chico will present its winter Museum Without Walls presentation series beginning in February.

The theme of the series is Exploring the Final Frontier and features four dynamic programs. The programs relate to astronomy and space exploration and are intended to be enjoyed by a general audience.

Each program will be on a Wednesday evening in February at the Chico Area Recreation District (CARD) building at 545 Vallombrosa Ave. in Chico, beginning at 7:30 p.m. A donation of $3 per adult is requested. Admission is free for students with an ID.

The following schedule is updated, and so it is slightly different than some printed material. The schedule is always current on the museum’s Web page.

On Feb. 6, Dave Schlom, host and producer of “The Blue Dot Report,” and Tyanna Schlom, a student in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, will present a program titled “Fire and Ice on Frozen Worlds—the Satellites of the Outer Solar System.”

On Feb. 13, Jennifer Heldmann from NASA Ames Research Lab will present “Return to the Moon! NASA’s Lunar Exploration Plans.”

On Feb. 20, Laura Barger from Harvard Medical School will present her research on the effect of low-gravity conditions on sleep in “The Sleep of NASA Space Shuttle Crewmembers on Short Duration Missions.”

Finally, on Feb. 27, Virginia Wolf, who has master’s degrees in both geography and Archaeology/Native American Studies, with an emphasis in archaeoastronomy, will show how ancient people used knowledge of the heavens in a program titled “Archaeoastronomy in the Southwest: Calendars of the Anasazi.” Wolf is retired from Butte Community College.

The programs are sponsored by Chico Pharmacy; Creative Composition; Grace Jr.; John and Leslie Howard; John and Renee McAmis; John V. Matthews from Squim, Wash.; Joe and Terry Matthews; Marcia Moore; North Valley MRI & CT Center; Price and Brown Attorneys; and Gary and Judy Sitton.

For additional information about this and other NCNHM programs, visit the museum’s Web page.