CSU, Chico News

High Grades for First-Year Students Living in Residence Halls

Date: 02-20-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Hemlata Jhaveri
University Housing and Food Service

On Feb. 26, University Housing and Food Service, California State University, Chico, will recognize students living in on-campus residence halls during the fall semester for their excellent grade point averages.

At a dinner attended by President Paul Zingg, 152 students achieving grade point averages of 3.5 and above will be honored. During fall 2007, 17 students living in the residence halls achieved a 4.0 grade point average, 67 achieved a 3.75 or better and 138 received a 3.5 or better.

Except for the resident advisors, most of the residents living in on-campus housing are first-year students. Ten resident advisors making the dean’s list (3.5 or above) will be honored at the dinner.

Aren Dawkins is one of the first-year students being honored. “My experience in the residence halls has been helpful in achieving good grades,” said Dawkins. “It is easy to study because my room is quiet and my resident advisor is helpful. Everyone, from my professors to my track coaches, has supported me in and out of the classroom.”

Antonio Hernandez is another of the first-year students who achieved excellent grades during his first semester at CSU, Chico. “My first year at Chico has been memorable. The people here are great and the teachers even better! They have provided me with all the help necessary to achieve scholastically,” said Hernandez. “Chico is preparing me for my future venture into the field of criminal justice.”

Zingg will talk about being new to CSU, Chico, the importance of a balance between academics and extracurricular involvement, and the value of living in university housing for academic success.