CSU, Chico News

Recreation and Parks Management Professor Receives Outstanding Advisor Award

Date: 02-05-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs

Roger Guthrie, professor of Recreation and Parks Management at California State University, Chico, received the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award for 2007–2008. Guthrie was chosen for his commitment to advising students, his devotion to student success and his contributions to developing a department-wide advising system.

Guthrie has been at CSU, Chico since 1989. He received his master’s in recreation administration from the university in 1972 and his doctorate in leisure studies from the University of Illinois in 1982. Before coming to Chico, he was a division director and assistant professor in Recreational Administration at Southwest Texas State University.

Guthrie coordinates two different options within Recreation and Parks Management: Community and Commercial Recreation, and Special Events and Tourism. He is an advisor to more than 100 students each year. Additionally, he assists students in finding internship placements to fulfill their academic requirements.

In letters of support for the award, students mentioned Guthrie’s commitment and enthusiasm for their success. “While Roger was always a teacher, he was also a mentor, an expert, a student, a friend, a coach, a role-model, a supporter, a fan … and an inspiration,” said Caitlin Dutro, who graduated from Recreation and Parks Management in 2007. “Roger encouraged each of us to be self-sufficient, free-thinking, intelligent and free-spirited in both our schoolwork and our lives outside of school.”

“Roger’s commitment to good advising extends beyond his own advising sessions,” said Laura McLachlin, a colleague in Recreation and Parks Management. “Roger developed a system for advising students that has become the standard for all departmental advisors. … He created electronic advising forms for each pattern within each option for recreation majors. These forms are now used as advising tools as well as major clearance forms in nearly all student advising sessions.”

McLachlin also praised Guthrie’s professional networking. “He maintains connections with former students and professionals through conferences, phone calls and e-mail correspondence. He shares the current state of the industry, including issues, trends and competencies, with students. This guidance allows students to enter the field with state-of-the-art skills and sets our students apart from other recreation departments.”

Lisa Jorgensen, assistant professor, CSU, Sacramento, credits Guthrie’s interest in her academic development with her career direction and success. “As a new professor, my hope is I will be able to follow in Dr. Guthrie’s footsteps by moving well beyond the procedures of advising to the relationship of advising. His work with students such as me demonstrates his ability to proficiently provide students with clear and focused direction with course scheduling and career planning, while creating a relationship that is truly student centered.”