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Black Enlightenment & Success Training Series This Week

Date: 03-25-2008

Joe Wills
Publlic Affairs

California State University, Chico’s Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is hosting the first Black Enlightenment & Success Training (BEST) Series this week. Malcolm McLemore, president of Kappa Alpha Psi, said the purpose of the event is to focus on improving knowledge, confidence, inspiration and unity among African American students, faculty, staff and community members.

McLemore said the series got off to a very successful start last evening with a discussion of issues facing black people in today’s society.

“This is a great opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members to gain insight about the black experience,” said CC Carter, director of cross-cultural and leadership programs.

The BEST series is co-sponsored by the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center and is supported by funding from the Associate Students Multicultural Affairs Council.

BEST series events are free and open to the public. Here are events planned for the rest of the week:

Tuesday, 3/25/08, 5pm-7:30pm, BMU 210
“Healthy Relationships”: The focus of this conversation will be on how to define, create and sustain healthy relationships. Different perspectives of solutions and outcomes will be provided by a panel consisting of participants who represent African American, interracial and homosexual relationships.

Wednesday, 3/26/08 5pm-7:30pm, Cross-Cultural Leadership Center
“Image of a Black Face”: This session will cover the history of competitiveness
between black people and what it means to be “Black” in America today. Also discussed will be if there are different levels of “Blackness,” defining the lines between “Black” and “African American” and creating community solutions.

Thursday, 3/27/08, 11am-2pm, Selvester’s Cafe
“Being Successful”: A full day is dedicated to student success. The students will work throughout the day on activities and discussions focused on topics such as defining success, overcoming adversity and creating a successful present and future. Success workshops will be led by Dr. Derek Greenfield, founder of the motivational consultants VOICES. He has been featured twice in Source magazine for his work on hip-hop culture.

Friday, 3/28/08, 5:00-7:30, Selvester’s Cafe
The BEST Series hosts an evening of friends, fun and food. Join us as we celebrate the culmination of the series. This is a chance for people to regain connections, make new friends and help commemorate the experience.

For more information, contact McLemore at 591-0070 or Mjmclemore@gmail.com.