CSU, Chico News

Film Nominated for Award at International Film Festival

Date: 04-29-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs

Jason Tannen, Department of Art and Art History, California State University, Chico, has just had his film “The Pressman Negatives” nominated for a “Tinny Award” in the Film Noir category at the 2008 Swansea Film Festival. This international film festival takes place May 31–June 7 in Swansea Bay, United Kingdom. The festival will screen 175 films. “Pressman” was nominated along with five other films in the noir category.

“The Pressman Negatives” (2006, 09:25 min.) is a photographic narrative that explores issues of time, memory, fact and fabrication. It is the story of jewelry thief Sidney Pressman, his cohorts in crime and the dark world they inhabited in a Midwestern city during the 1970s. Through snapshots allegedly taken by him, it documents the final days of Pressman and his criminal colleagues, brought together for one last heist.

Tannen is an artist, gallery curator and instructor. Since 1998, he has been curator at the CSU, Chico University Art Gallery and teaches Film as Visual Art and the History of Photography. His personal art, which incorporates photography, film and installation, has been exhibited widely. Recent exhibitions have included shows in Luton, England; Berkeley and San Francisco, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Basel, Switzerland.