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CSU, Chico Wins Best Practices Award in Student Energy Efficiency

Date: 04-30-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Amelia Gulling, director
Green Campus Program
530-520 5074

The Green Campus Program at California State University, Chico has won the Best Practices award for Student Energy Efficiency in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor, Energy Efficiency Partnership Program.

Green Campus is a student-run organization with the objective of improving energy efficiency on campus as well as educating students, faculty and staff about energy conservation. Members of Green Campus will accept the award at the UC/CSU/CCC Sustainability Conference at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo at the end of July.

The students involved are excited about winning the award after being edged out by Humboldt State the previous two years, said student Bret Bosma, who has been with Green Campus since it started. “Some of the Chico team plan to roll in to the conference in July in style, on bicycles, in the name of sustainability and energy conservation,” said Bosma.

Among the many projects Green Campus has sponsored, four were showcased in the application: Power Management Software, Residence Hall Energy Competitions, Sustainability House Metering, and a Thermostat Measure. Short descriptions of these four projects follow:

Power Management Software Green Campus installed power management software in computers in several computer labs. The software shuts down the monitor and hibernates the computer when it is not in use. This program resulted in a $48,000 rebate from PG&E.

Thermostat Resolution Students passed an “energy conservation advisory measure” that asks the University to change thermostat settings by three degrees for both heating and cooling. To implement this, Green Campus Worked with Environmental Affairs Council to create a resolution to conduct a feasibility study.

Residence Hall Energy Reduction Competition Green Campus set up monitors in two residence halls that show current energy usage and accumulated energy consumption. Residents (mainly first-year students) can track their consumption and learn about energy conservation.

Sustainability House Konkow Hall was retrofitted as an energy efficient student residence for 14 students with projects to promote sustainability among residents. The residents were introduced to cooking with organic products, had a worm bin for composting and, highlighted in the winning proposal, Green Campus installed meters so that the residents can monitor their energy usage.

“Chico Green Campus would like to thank Facilities Management Services, the CSU, Chico administration and the Chancellor’s Office for all of their support on all of our projects,” said Bosma. “Without their help and support, this award would not be in Chico’s hands.”