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The College of Business and Lam Research Corporation Sponsor Leadership Boot Camp

Date: 11-15-2010

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Bob Sprague
Department of Management

On Nov. 4, 10 California State University, Chico business students headed to Fremont with College of Business faculty members Bob Sprague and Suzanne Zivnuska. Their destination was the fall 2010 Leadership Boot Camp sponsored by the college’s Center for Values-Based Leadership.

The three-day event was supported by a generous gift from Lam Research Corporation and included a visit to the Lam Research headquarters in Fremont. Students learned business leadership strategies from experienced Lam professionals.

“Our time with Lam Research gave the students the opportunity to test their understanding of business applications through dialogue with Lam executives,” said Sprague. “It was exciting to watch our students connect the dots from classroom to marketplace.”

The Boot Camp also included featured presentations by trainers Scott Winter and Don Scherba. Winter founded the Chico business Learning Change and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational development. He has led, trained and directed leadership programs for organizations throughout Russia, Taiwan, Portugal, Japan, Australia and the United States. Scherba is a well-respected Chico-based psychotherapist and executive coach who helps individuals and organizations develop the self-awareness and group consciousness required for collaborative leadership.

The camp experience was designed to provide students with a better understanding of themselves and their capacity to be the next generation of principled leaders. Students served as both the primary participants for the event as well key staffers for the event. Business seniors Jordan Egbert, Shawn Wilson, Juan Garcia and Tim Forrest assisted with planning, provided logistical support and led discussions during the weekend event.

“I’m extremely impressed with this group of business students,” said Egbert, “and it makes me proud to be a Chico State student. To watch these 10 student leaders evaluate themselves authentically was awesome!”

For more information, call Bob Sprague at 530-898-4260 or e-mail him at rfsprague@csuchico.edu.