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Health at Every Size: Examining the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift

Date: 11-16-2010

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Michelle Morris
Nutrition and Food Sciences

“Health at Every Size” (HAES) will be presented this Thursday, Nov. 18,
7 p.m. by Linda Bacon, PhD, who will discuss the scientific evidence that underlies our current understanding of weight. Professor Bacon’s visit is sponsored by the Dietetic Internship program, California State University, Chico.

The forum, which is free and open to the public, will be held in Holt 170 on the CSU, Chico campus. HAES supports people in adopting good habits for the sake of health and well-being, rather than weight control.

Michelle Morris, professor of nutrition and director of the CSU, Chico Dietetic Internship program, said that the topic for this forum is explored in Bacon’s book, “Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight.” “Bacon argues that fat isn’t the problem, dieting is the problem,” said Morris. “Bacon contends that much of the health risk associated with weight is caused by faulty assumptions of well-intended obesity ‘experts’ rather than fat itself. She will debunk the weight myths and translate the latest science into practical advice.”

Professor Bacon has graduate degrees in physiology, specializing in nutrition; psychology, specializing in eating disorders and body image; and exercise science, specializing in metabolism. She is affiliated with City College of San Francisco and UC Davis. Bacon’s research has been published in academic journals, and she frequently conducts interviews and speaks nationally on this topic.

An in-depth workshop intended for health professionals will be held on Friday, Nov. 19, at the Enloe Conference Center, 2-5 p.m. Advance registration is required for this event and is still open. Please contact Morris for registration information at mrmorris@csuchico.edu or 530-898-4757.

The CSU, Chico Dietetic Internship program provides the opportunity for graduate students in the University’s service area to become registered dietitians who will enhance the quality of life and health of individuals and families through their service in institutions and agencies in Northern California. For more information on the CSU, Chico Dietetic Internship program go to www.csuchico.edu/nfsc/internship/index.shtml