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Online Newsletter ‘Inside Chico State’ Receives Achievement Award

Date: 10-28-2011

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs

California State University Chico’s newsletter for faculty, staff and administrators, Inside Chico State, received a 2011 Achievement Award from Harris Connect, a provider of online services for nonprofit organizations, for the Best Email Newsletter. Peers selected the achievement awardees.

ICS launched its online website and e-newsletter in May 2011. Up until that time, it was published as a four-page tabloid. The new website and e-newsletter were created by the design and editorial team, including Francie Divine (designer), Anna Harris (assistant editor), and Kathleen McPartland (editor).

University Advancement contracted with Harris Connect in 2010 to provide a wide range of online services. The division is using the Harris Connect e-communications tool for Inside Chico State and the Alumni and Parent Relations e-newsletters, Connected and Parents e-Newsletter, as well as for e-invitations and online giving.

An outside consultant was hired to create several templates that could be used by various programs and colleges on campus to create and distribute their newsletters. Advancement is offering, at no cost, the use of these tools and limited support to colleges for their e-newsletters. The College of Agriculture, for example, used the tool for its fall issue of The Pavilion.

“The Inside Chico State team deserves congratulations for the new e-newsletter and website,” said Rick Ellison, vice president for University Advancement. “The designs are stunning and engaging, and the site is easy to use. Going online has allowed the team to use visual images in ways that weren’t possible before. I’m continually amazed at the creative and exceptional output of the staff of Public Affairs.”