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CSU, Chico Moves up in Eduniversal Rankings Once Again

Date: 11-01-2011

Joe Wills
Public Affairs
Mike Ward, Interim Dean
College of Business

California State University, Chico is now ranked ninth in a category of business schools that boast a national reputation and international links for its programs and students.

On Oct. 13, at the Eduniversal 1000 Best Business Schools worldwide meeting held in Shanghai, China, official results of the 2011 Eduniversal Dean’s votes were disclosed. Within a large and impressive field of more than 500 business schools that includes Claremont Graduate University, Clemson, Loyola, George Mason and Drexel University, Eduniversal ranked CSU, Chico No. 9 among schools with Excellent Business Programs with a strong national reputation and continental links.

An initiative led by the human resource and student orientation consultancy firm SMBG to provide parents, students and employers with information about the world’s best business programs, Eduniversal notified the college of its continued placement in the top 10 late last week. The school was ranked No. 10 in the same category in 2010, No. 21 in 2009 and No. 50 in 2008.

Eduniversal’s selection process began with identification of the best 1,000 Business Schools in the world based on performance in other rankings, accreditations, participation in academic associations, international networks and research reputation. Each of the 1,000 schools selected were then placed in one of five “leagues” to indicate the institution’s level of international reputation. The deans of those institutions were then involved in a peer voting system that resulted in the final rank order within each league.

Deans were asked a simple question: “Which business school(s) would you recommend to anyone wishing to study in this country?” They were expected to answer knowingly. Voting for every country was not mandatory. Eighty-nine percent of the deans that voted in the Excellent Business Programs category included CSU, Chico in their selections.

To view the full list of Eduniversal’s top 1000 business schools, go to http://www.eduniversal-ranking.com

Fully accredited since 1972 by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the CSU, Chico College of Business has long been recognized as a leader in ERP instruction and teaching excellence, developing curriculum that is used by the faculty of leading universities across the globe. Faculty lead training sessions for business professionals throughout the world and partnerships with well-respected schools provide students with a unique academic experience that combines exemplary classroom instruction with opportunities to interact with students from other countries.