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Mindful Campus Group Sponsors Day of Meditation

Date: 11-28-2011

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Peggy DuFon
Mindful Campus

The Mindful Campus group at California State University, Chico is sponsoring Pause: Calm Your Body, Clear Your Mind, a free, end-of-semester day of meditation for members of the campus and larger community, on Friday, Dec. 9. Eight meditation teachers from various secular, philosophical and religious traditions will teach one-hour workshops from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Selvester’s 104 (the room facing the creek). The various workshops include the practices of sitting in stillness, movement meditation and chanting.

“The end of the semester can be a stressful time on campus for everyone,” said Peggy DuFon, professor in the Department of English and a member of Mindful Campus. “To alleviate that stress, we invite you to pause, calm your body, clear your mind, focus your attention and connect with the deepest part of yourself by participating in a free meditation workshop.”

The day will close with a two-hour chanting session led by the Bhakti Band. DuFon said that these various contemplative practices have been used by people for millennia to focus their attention and center themselves. In doing so, the body naturally calms down and the mind clears.


Meditation Teacher/Affiliation

type of Meditation (Tradition)


David Philhour
Chico Taoist Study Group
Skycreek Dharma Center

Movement Meditation (secular)


Gayle Kimball
Earth Haven

Chakra meditation with grounding and centering visualizations (secular).


Lin JensenChico Zen Sangha

Shikantaza, a formless meditation (Zen)


Steve Flowers
Enloe Medical Center

Mindfulness/Loving kindness Practice (secular)


Marc Sorensen
Chico Sports Club

Whole Love Meditation (secular)


Nancie Brown
Spirit Rock Kalyana Mitta Groups

Vipassana Meditation (Buddhist)


Marlene Marron
Ananda Chico Meditation Center

Mantra-based meditation, readings, chanting and healing prayers (Kriya Yoga)


Bill Martin

Taoist Meditation (Taoist)


Bhakti Band

Kirtan (Yogic)

These workshops are free and open to the campus and greater Chico-area communities. No reservation necessary. Choose one or more and just show up. For further information e-mail DuFon at mdufon@csuchico.edu or phone her at 530-343-9843.