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CSU, Chico Launches Social Network for Ridesharing

Date: 03-03-2011

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

California State University, Chico has partnered with Zimride to launch a social network for ridesharing. The Zimride platform uses Facebook integration to create a way to find friends to share commutes or one-time rides. This private network allows individuals to join together and reduce campus traffic and parking difficulties and provide substantial cost-savings for our community.

"This will be a great way for people to connect and share rides to campus or out of town," said Halli Bovia, CSU, Chico’s sustainability coordinator. "Zimride’s solution is very user friendly and will help our campus community in many ways."

Zimride has developed a custom rideshare solution to serve CSU, Chico’s campus population. Through Zimride’s web-based interface, faculty, staff and students can find others with similar commuting patterns or one-time rides. As a social network platform with optional Facebook integration, Zimride helps establish trust among users. As with Facebook, “Zimriders” can view profiles for common networks, interests and friends before deciding to share a ride.

Bovia said the Zimride transportation alternative is a fun, easy and sustainable way for everyone to collectively make a difference.

Starting today, all CSU, Chico students, faculty and staff can access the free Zimride network at http://zimride.csuchico.edu(opens in new window). The private system requires a CSU, Chico e-mail address to gain access.

While a CSU, Chico e-mail address is required, the Zimride social network for ridesharing is an independent program and is not managed by CSU, Chico.

This partnership marks a significant step in improving campus sustainability practices, Bovia said, because ridesharing on daily commutes or on longer, one-time trips can substantially reduce the costs of travel for the community.

Zimride is the largest online social rideshare community in North America, with over 350,000 users. Zimride has implemented private rideshare communities for more than 75 of the nation’s leading universities and companies, including Stanford, UCLA, University of Michigan, Cornell University, Jet Blue and CIGNA.

Zimride embraces ridesharing as a social activity and integrates with Facebook and Twitter to make it fun and easy for users to share the seats in their car or find a ride. On Zimride, participants create profiles that show their favorite in-car music, radio stations and even smoking preferences to ensure an enjoyable ride.

Zimride(opens in new window) offers individuals the opportunity to create social, sustainable and convenient transportation. The founder and chief operating officer of Zimride is John Zimmer.