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Seventh Grade Students Host Climate Summit at Gateway Science Museum

Date: 04-21-2011

Rachel Teasdale
Acting Executive Director
Gateway Science Museum
530-898-4121, rteasdale@csuchico.edu
Mary Anne Pella-Donnelly
Teacher, Life Science
Chico Junior High School
530-891-3066 ext. 245, mdonnell@chicousd.org

Chico Junior High School students will host a Climate Summit at the Gateway Science Museum from noon to
2 p.m., Friday, April 29. The goal of the Climate Summit is to explore how our climate has changed throughout Earth’s history and the impact of humans on current and future climate change.

More than 50 seventh grade students in the Life Science class have been studying climate change for the past several weeks. The young scientists will guide visitors in a variety of hands-on activities to demonstrate climate research used to highlight potential impacts a changing climate will have on life on this planet. The Climate Summit will include activities to help visitors understand climate and how it is studied, the research methods used by climate scientists, and how the research is interpreted. All of the activities are standards-based for junior high school, and many are derived from the ANDRILL curriculum.

Under the direction of Chico Junior High science educator Mary Anne Pella-Donnelly, the young scientists will lead visitors in a variety of hands-on activities including:

  • Examining models of ice cores collected in Antarctica and Greenland. Scientists investigate the gases trapped in bubbles in the ice core to discover what the atmosphere was like during specific time periods.
  • Investigating the reflectivity of different surfaces. This will allow participants to consider which surfaces reflect the sun’s rays and may impact everything from the speed at which glaciers melt to how hot your home is due to your roof material.

Area K-12 educators are encouraged to bring their classes to the Climate Summit. Contact the museum in advance by telephone, 530-898-4121, to make arrangements.

The general public is also invited to attend the Climate Summit, which is included with price of admission to Gateway Science Museum. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children and free for museum members. The museum is located at 625 Esplanade, Chico.

For more information, please visit www.gatewayscience.org.