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Chico on $10 a Day: Learn to Eat Locally

Date: 04-27-2011

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Stephanie Bianco-Simeral
Nutrition and Food Sciences

The fifth Chico on $10 a Day event will be held on Saturday, May 7, from 1 to 3 p.m., in Selvester’s Café-by-the-Creek event room on the California State University, Chico campus. Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFSC) students will provide tastes of delicious dishes using local ingredients from the Chico Certified Farmers’ Market to demonstrate how to eat locally on $10 a day.

Everyone, including families with children, is invited to taste sample breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes for free. There will also be live music for entertainment.

This sustainability event is a part of the NFSC foodservice production course in which undergraduate students are being taught how to incorporate sustainable practices into foodservice. Students will use sustainable practices in all stages of the project, including growing fresh herbs to use in the food preparation. They will walk to and from the local Saturday farmer’s market, use canvas bags for shopping, prepare all food, compost scraps, use standard recipes and budget three meals for $10. They will even decorate with recyclables.

Stephanie Bianco-Simeral, who teaches the class in which the students are learning nutritional foodservice production, provided some examples of the breakfast and lunch items being served. There will be a French toast casserole with buttermilk glaze; smoked sausage and veggie skewers; sparkling citrus berry punch; farmers’ market brown rice pilaf; Italian wedding soup; pear and goat cheese crostini; panzanella (tomato and bread salad); and kuchen and dark chocolate mousse brownie dessert treats.

Students are creating about two dozen displays that will show visitors how to grow a small garden, compost in the home and in foodservice, keep utility bills low, make homemade baby food and eat healthfully.

For more information, call Bianco-Simeral at 530-898-4759 or e-mail her at sbianco-simeral@csuchico.edu.