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AS Sustainability to Host Last Compost Workshops of the Year

Date: 10-19-2012

Natalie Lessa
AS Sustainability
916-802-7987, asspoutreach@csuchico.edu
Joe Wills
Public Affairs

Nestled beside the California State University, Chico tennis courts, alongside the bike path, buzzes a garden that uses food waste from Konkow residence hall to create a nutrient-rich growing medium.

The Compost Display Area (CDA) is a student-run garden that demonstrates a sustainable way to deal with food waste—a four-step process in which last night’s dinner becomes next week’s soil. With just a few large shovels, a pile of sticks and leaves, and hundreds of red wiggler worms, food is decomposed and put to another use. The nutrient-rich soil is used to grow herbs and vegetables, which are given away at free weekend compost workshops open to the public.

There are only two more opportunities this year to enjoy these workshops. The dates are Oct. 20 and Oct. 27 from 11:00 a.m. to noon. To get to the CDA, park by Nettleton Stadium and walk toward the tennis courts, or bike directly to the event. These workshops attract hundreds of attendees each year. Visit www.aschico.com/compost for a list of upcoming events and a map to the CDA.

Composting workshops are a great way to learn about sustainability at Chico State is, why composting is important, and how to start the process in your own garden. Recent studies have determined that half of campus waste is compostable, proving how what the CDA is doing could be one solution to growing waste problems in the area.

“We need to compost if we plan on having enough space in our landfills,” says Matt Navarro, CDA education coordinator. “These workshops are a great way to engage the community in a large-scale problem while having fun.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring a sealed, dark colored bin and start composting themselves. Worms and dirt complimentary of the CDA!