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Chico State Author Publishes First Novel

Date: 11-07-2012

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs

F. Jay Fuller, who is the building and student personnel manager at Meriam Library at California State University, Chico, has just had his first novel, “Shadows in Winter,” published by the local Cool Waters Press. The book is part of a trilogy, and the other two books are forthcoming.

A reception and reading will be held this Friday, Nov. 9, at 6 p.m., 142 W. 2nd Street, Suite B (upstairs) in downtown Chico. Meet F. Jay Fuller and listen to him read passages from his book. There will be refreshments and traditional Finnish music.

Fuller wrote “Shadows in Winter” over seven years. He was attempting to publish the book, with the help of his literary agent, when the economy tanked and the book publishing industry went through many downsizings. He met Tara Grover Smith, editor-in-chief of Cool Waters Press, in a writing group.

“Ms. Smith read my manuscript and, after sharing it with her management team at Cool Waters Media, decided she wanted it to be the initial imprint for the print/digital publishing house she had wanted to set up as part of Cool Waters Media, the publishers of ‘Empirical Magazine,’ based here in Chico,” said Fuller.

Fuller said that “Shadows in Winter” was sparked by his lifelong study of the phenomenology of religion – in particular the religion of preliterate societies.

“The trilogy follows the protagonist, Ahto Twickanen, through his youth and early adult life as he uncovers his ancestral past through interactions and adventures with his great uncle, Jaakko, a noaide (shaman) of the Sami/Finnish people,” said Fuller. “Ahto attempts to adapt the ancestral shamanic practices he inherits to the realities of the modern world.”

In each book, said Fuller, Ahto discovers and engages new aspects of his craft, from learning how to interpret the subtleties expressed in the recurring cycles of natural world to dealing with the kaleidoscope of human emotions and behavior.

Fuller has done graduate work in the phenomenology of religion and lives in the moun­tains of Northern California. His writing has appeared in Black Lantern Publishing, Dark Fire Fiction (UK), Midwest Coast Review, College and Research Libraries News, Library Software Review and CSU Chico’s Studies from the Herbarium.

For more information, contact Smith at tara@empiricalmag.com or 530-899-8077.