CSU, Chico News

Volunteers Clean Up the Sacramento River After Labor Day

Date: 09-12-2012

Joe Wills, Public Affairs
Eli Goodsell, Associated Students Sustainability

There was a collaborative Sacramento River clean-up event the Saturday following Labor Day, Sept. 8, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. California State University, Chico’s Associated Students Sustainability, Recycling and Adventure Outings (AO) programs partnered with California State Parks, Butte County Public Works, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Round Table Pizza and multiple law-enforcement agencies.

Twenty-seven volunteers departed from the Adventure Outings/AS Recycling Warehouse at 4th and Cherry Street at 8 a.m. AO provided volunteers with 10 inflatable kayaks and three rafts to effectively navigate the Sacramento River and pick up trash. AS Recycling provided volunteers with both recycle and trash bags.

Lowe’s provided gloves for volunteers; Round Table Pizza donated pizza for all of the volunteers after a hard day’s work. Law-enforcement agencies used their boats to haul bags of trash and recycle material to Scotty’s Landing, where it was sorted.

Volunteers diverted 1,000 pounds of waste and recycling material away from the Sacramento River. Photos of the event can be viewed here.