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Chico State Hosts 12th Red Tent Event

Date: 03-06-2012

Joe Wills
Public Affairs and Publications

California State University, Chico is hosting the award-winning 12th annual Red Tent Event “Sisterhood of Change: This is the Way We ‘Role’” on Saturday March 31, 2 p.m.-5 p.m. in Selvester’s Lounge.

In many cultures, a special place was set aside for menstruating women to gather, sometimes referred to as the Red Tent. Once seen as an example of women’s oppression, we are now coming to appreciate this powerful women-only space as an opportunity for women of all ages to take a break from the routine to share their experiences, nurture their relationships and pass on their wisdom.

Join us (whether you are menstruating or not) in our multigenerational Red Tent for keynote speaker Nandi Crosby, PhD, drumming by Jeanne Christopherson, and food, drink and sharing of our lives and feelings as women: our questions, worries, laughs, scars and our accumulated insight.

This event has won an award for most innovative program in the CSU System. Women report leaving this event feeling connected and powerful. For additional information contact Laura Nelson at PCWTI5@csuchico.edu.