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De-Stress Fest Provides a Little R&R Before Finals

Date: 04-27-2012

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Stephanie Chervinko
Campus Wellness Center

The weeks leading up to final exams can be stressful and anxiety-filled for college students. The De-Stress Fest at California State University, Chico during the week of April 30–May 4 offers some tea and sympathy to stressed-out students in the form of yoga, massage, crafts and puppies. The activities are organized by the Campus Wellness Center with the help of other campus groups.

In addition to activities that differ each day of the week, information about healthy ways to lower stress will be available on tables on the lawn in front of Glenn Hall. Students can learn about relaxation methods and simple stress relievers and get a massage at the same time!

Thursday, May 3, is puppy day. The Butte Humane Society will bring the puppies for a visit to campus, and students will have a chance to pet and play with them. The puppies are a clear favorite, based on feedback from students attending the De-Stress Fest in previous years. Based on research that suggests a few minutes with a cat or dog can often do more to lower stress than even a talk with a friend, puppies have been a part of the De-Stress Fest for the last three years.

“While the week is geared to provide a fun environment for the students,” said Amanda Ribbers, a student who works with the Wellness Center and is part of the organizing team, “there are staff from the Wellness Center and the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center, for example, who can offer support and information on caffeine, alcohol and prescription drug abuse. The idea is to encourage healthy decisions while studying for final exams.”

A committee of about 15 students, all representing different organizations, does the bulk of the planning for the 10-year-old event. This year, Ribbers said, the committee hopes that the number and variety of events will encourage more students to drop by. The de-stressors were chosen to showcase the strengths of the organizations involved.

In addition to the Wellness Center, the Student Health Advisory Council, Health Education Action Team, Student Veteran Organization, AS Sustainability, AS Recycling, WREC, Active Minds, Big Cat Productions, Comedy Club, Mindful Meditation and the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center are presenting the event.