CSU, Chico News

University Printing Services Passes Extensive Forest Stewardship Council Audit

Date: 05-08-2012

Joe Wills
Public Affairs
Dale Wymore
Director, Business Services

California State University, Chico’s University Printing Services has received notification that its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification has been renewed for the next 12 months. The renewal was awarded after the organization passed an extensive audit of the organization’s FSC internal chain-of-custody procedures and documentation for accuracy and compliance.

“Through FSC certification and other programs promoting sustainability, such as the use of paper with post-consumer waste, we are on the forefront of print facility sustainability,” said Dale Wymore, director of Business Services. “We are proud of our record and will continue to pursue additional venues to lessen our impact on the environment. I am proud of my team and would like to thank them for their valuable assistance in this area.”

This audit was especially significant because Wymore changed the organization’s certification method to the new FSC Group Certification Standard offered through Printers Green Resource and the Rainforest Alliance. Advantages of using the program include administrative and training assistance that reduces time spent on compliance and significant savings achieved by sharing centralized costs among the group members. Membership also provides a venue for sharing best practices to improve the overall certification experience for both employees and customers.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Its Ten Principles and more than 50 strict criteria for operating a forest and addressing the concerns of all those affected by the forest are widely accepted as the “Gold Standard” of forest certification schemes. This is evidenced by their acceptance by every major environmental group.

“I’m pleased that University Printing Services is continuing its sustainability efforts through the renewal of its FSC certification,” said Lori Hoffman, vice president for Business and Finance. “By offering FSC-trademarked products, it is a positive reflection on the entire University. We take our institution’s part in conserving the forests of the world very seriously and are committed to doing our share to preserve the world’s resources.”

Using materials made of wood generated from FSC certified forests helps save the forest itself. When consumers purchase FSC certified products such as paper, they stimulate demand for products made from FSC certified wood, which keeps the forest productive and profitable for the owner. Forest owners are much less likely to sell their forests for development of housing projects, golf courses or business parks.

Wymore encourages customers to ask for FSC certified products from the University Printing Services. When FSC certified products are specified, both the FSC and Rainforest Alliance marks can be proudly displayed on the job. With the wide availability of FSC certified papers on the market today, virtually any job can be produced as FSC certified.