CSU, Chico News

Seniors Win Scholarships From International Contractors Group

Date: 09-09-2014

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

Threestudents in California State University, Chico’s Concrete Industry Management Program (CIM) have each received a $5,000 scholarship from the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC).

This was the first time CSU, Chico students have applied for this scholarship, and seniors Michelle Ahola, Jaymi Hill and Shane Strick received top awards.

The American Society of Concrete Contractors was formed by and for concrete contractors and others who provide services and goods to the concrete construction industry. The organization has approximately 500 member companies in the United States and abroad.

CSU, Chico’s CIM program is one of four in the United States. The other schools are Texas State, Middle Tennessee State University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. CSU, Chico’s program, which represents the entire West Coast, began offering classes in fall 2007.

A presentation of the ASCC and other CIM scholarships will take place Thursday, Oct. 2, during a meeting on campus of the CIM National Steering Committee, which is the host organization of the four U.S. CIM universities and the source of half the funds that support the programs.

Doug Guerrero, chair of CSU, Chico’s CIM Patrons, an education foundation, said approximately $100,000 in scholarships from CIM supporters will be highlighted at the meeting.