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K-12 Teachers to Report on Projects Enhancing Student Learning

Date: 06-12-2014

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

Teachers from inland counties of California will gather at California State University, Chico next week to share the results of applying new ideas designed to improve their schools and student learning.

The Teachers' Professional Development for Inland California (Teachers’ PD INC) Summer Conference will be June 18 and 19 in Colusa Hall. Approximately 135 K-12 teachers and school administrators will attend the conference, which begins at noon on Wednesday.

Some of the topics teachers will be reporting on include using neuroscience research to enhance teaching and learning, engaging low-income students in science, improving student literacy in social sciences and teaching chemistry with Web 2.0 technology.

The conference also features keynote addresses, poster sessions and a panel discussion on how teachers can sustain professional learning practices.

“Teachers' PD INC promotes teacher-selected professional development,” said CSU, Chico School of Education Professor Mike Kotar, a co-director of the project. “The project gives teams of teachers the tools to assess student needs and identify their own professional learning needs, as well as a system for implementing improvements in classrooms and schools.”

The summer conference is the culminating activity for the teachers who began project work in 2012, Kotar said. “It is really a showcase that recognizes and celebrates the professionalism of teachers and their school administrators who want to make changes that will improve student outcomes.”

CSU, Chico has been a leader in teacher and administrator preparation and professional development for decades, Kotar said, with a particular focus on educational challenges facing the North State. “The University is recognized for collaborating with schools and state agencies to develop innovative programs that provide exceptional service in our region and beyond, and for conducting research aimed at issues faced by rural schools,” he said. “Teachers' PD INC is one of several programs that contributes to the University's commitment to K-12 education in the inland counties of California.”

The inland California region represented in the project covers 33 counties from San Bernardino in the south to Modoc and Siskiyou counties in the North State.

Funding for Teachers’ PD INC comes from the California Department of Education Improving Teacher Quality program.

For additional information about Teachers’ PD INC, visit this CSU, Chico website: http://www.csuchico.edu/teacher-grants/index.shtml.