CSU, Chico News

Student Service Project Aims to Improve Public Safety

Date: 02-20-2014

Sarah Langford
Public Affairs
Sierra Delorefice-Chicarino, Executive President
Phi Chi Theta

A group of California State University, Chico students has set out to improve local public safety by mapping out unlit street lamps in areas surrounding campus.

The 46 members of Phi Chi Theta, a professional, co-educational fraternity for business and economics students, are gathering data on the condition of street lamps in a five-square-mile plot stretching from 12th Avenue to 20th Street and from The Esplanade to the Craig Student Living complex west of Nord Avenue. In the near future, they plan to present their findings to the City of Chico and to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), which each manages lamps in the area.

To gather the data, the students have divided into teams of four or five to tackle 11 separate plots of street blocks. They drive or walk the blocks together after sunset, noting unlit streetlamps and taking photos.

Phi Chi Theta executive president Sierra Delorefice-Chicarino, a business administration major, said her group got the project idea from CSU, Chico business professor and former Phi Chi Theta president Sue Maligie, who noticed a number of street lamps are out in key areas surrounding campus. Maligie is working closely with the students.

“Our fraternity prides itself on completing a large number of community service projects each semester, and we were excited to help in this way,” Delorefice-Chicarino said. “Most of us live in the immediate area or very near campus. If we can make a difference in even a few people’s lives by making the streets safer or helping them worry less, it will be worth it.”

The group plans to compile the data at its meeting on Monday, Feb. 24, and determine how and when to present it to the city and PG&E.