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Model United Nations Team Excels at Regional Conference

Date: 12-07-2015

Zachary Phillips
Public Affairs
John Crosby
Department of Political Science

California State University, Chico’s Model United Nations (MUN) delegates took home one of the top awards from the North West Model United Nations conference in Seattle, Washington, Nov. 20-22.

In addition to winning the Distinguished Delegation Award, the second-highest achievement of the conference, delegates also received 13 of 37 individual awards for position research papers. Forty-six CSU, Chico students attended the conference, which hosted over 500 students from 20 colleges and universities. Five CSU, Chico students, who had been through the MUN program before, served as officers and coached their classmates through the process.

MUN is an academic competition that gives students experience in diplomacy and international relations. It demands that they demonstrate excellence in research and writing, public speaking, and negotiation. The MUN process starts long before the actual conference, when student delegates are assigned a country or an international organization as well as a topic for discussion. They must then research their country’s real-life policy on the given topic and develop a position paper to present at the conference.

Each of CSU, Chico’s 41 delegates were assigned a country to represent within six committees: the General Assembly (GA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Human Rights Council HRC), the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the Reformed Security Council and the Security Council. This year’s student officer team consisted of Brodie Beck, Kate Scarratt, Jonnie Brown, Maria Esparza and Sam Perkins. Aaron Thao served as head delegate.

Political Science professor and MUN advisor John Crosby said that the CSU, Chico delegates’ success is largely due to the dedication of student leaders.

“What’s impressive about it is it’s the students,” he said. “They’re the ones that review the position papers. They turn those in. They’re the ones that form these outstanding delegations.

“The program provides a lot of lessons that are unique—that provide a quality educational experience,” Crosby said.

The regional conference in Seattle prepares delegates for the largest and most prestigious MUN conference in the world: the National MUN conference, held each spring in New York City. In March 2016, 34 CSU, Chico delegates will represent Pakistan at the national conference, serving on 17 different committees and joining more than 5,000 university students from across the nation to discuss important international relations issues.

CSU, Chico’s MUN program is run through the course POLS 340, Model United Nations. The class attracts mostly political science majors, but is open to all. It is funded by the Instructionally Related Activities fee program, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and student fundraising activities.

Learn more about the MUN program here, or contact Crosby at jcrosby5@csuchico.edu.