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Lacrosse Clubs Suspended for Spring 2015 Activities

Date: 02-03-2015

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

California State University, Chico’s men’s and women’s lacrosse club teams have been suspended for the spring 2015 semester for violations of the alcohol policy in the Sport Club Program’s Code of Conduct.

A letter announcing the suspensions was sent to club officers and coaches yesterday, Feb. 2. During the suspensions, the lacrosse clubs cannot take part in any competitions or conduct any club business.

The clubs may reapply to be recognized student organizations and resume activities at the end of the spring term.

The violations occurred Jan. 10 and 16, when the teams held social functions where alcohol was available.

The Code of Conduct Contract, which every sport club member signs prior to participation, includes an alcohol policy that prohibits use or possession of drugs or alcohol during “any activity, gathering or social function that could be considered a club function due to the makeup of the participants.”

The alcohol policy states “failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of eligibility, funds and/or campus recognition.”

Student Affairs administrators became aware of the parties in January as a result of an inquiry into the circumstances of the death of student Nicholas Castellanos Jan. 16. Castellanos, a second-semester freshman, was a member of the lacrosse club team.

The men’s lacrosse sport club has 33 members, and the women’s club, 21 members. Both clubs began practicing in January in preparation for competition starting later in the semester. Prior to yesterday’s suspension, the women’s team had played one game and the men’s team had not yet played.

“All our student organizations must have alcohol policies, and we act decisively when they violate these policies,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Drew Calandrella. “I know it will be hard on these students to lose a season of competition, but they are aware these violations took place and that they are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Calandrella said CSU, Chico does a great deal to educate students about alcohol use and abuse, which includes sharing policies that prohibit its use. A web page listing policies, programs, services and community collaborations is at http://www.csuchico.edu/sa/policies/alcohol.shtml.

CSU, Chico has 19 sport clubs, which are student-run organizations recognized by the University through the Recreational Sports and Student Life and Leadership Offices. More information about sport clubs is at http://www.csuchico.edu/recsports/sport-clubs/index.shtml.