Nutrition and Food Science

Michelle Neyman Morris, PhD, RD

Professor, Community Nutrition
Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Michelle Neyman Morris earned her PhD in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, where she held a Ford Foundation Fellowship. She became a registered dietitian after completing the San Jose State University Dietetic Internship, where she was a lecturer prior to her position at Chico State. Her research interests include disordered eating, food security, and nutrition education across the lifespan utilizing non-diet, weight inclusive approaches to health and well-being.

Courses Taught

  • NFSC 100 Basic Nutrition
  • NFSC 200 Health at Every Size: A Non-Diet Approach to Wellness
  • NFSC 340 Human Nutrition
  • NFSC 360 Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle
  • NFSC 465/465L Community Nutrition
  • NFSC 469 Nutrition and Aging
  • NFSC 489 Externship
  • NFSC 660 Nutrition Education

Selected Publications

2016    Bundros, J., Clifford, D., Silliman, K., & Neyman Morris, M. Prevalence of orthorexia nervosa among college students based on Bratman’s Test and associated tendencies. Appetite, 101, 86-94.

2015    Humphrey, L., Clifford, D., & Neyman Morris, M. Health At Every Size college course reduces dieting behaviors and improves intuitive eating, body esteem and anti-fat attitudes. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 47(4), 354-360.

2015    Clifford, D., Ozier, A., Bundros, J., Moore, J., Kreiser, A., & Neyman Morris, M. Impact of non-diet approaches on attitudes, behaviors, and health outcomes: A systematic review. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 47(2), 143-155.

2014    Smart, H., Clifford, D., & Neyman Morris, M. Nutrition students gain skills from motivational interviewing curriculum. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 114(11), 1712-17.

2014    McDonnell, L, Neyman Morris, M, & Holland, J. WIC participants’ perceived behavioral control, attitudes toward, and factors influencing behavioral intentions to redeeming cash-value vouchers at certified farmers’ markets. California Journal of Health Promotion, 12(2), 22-31.

2014    Clifford, D., & Neyman Morris, M. National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) Guidelines for Nutritionists and Dietitians.

2014    Neyman Morris, M. The Social Justice Imperative for a Health At Every Size® Paradigm Shift in Dietetics Education & Practice. In E. Glovsky Editor, Wellness, Not Weight: Health At Every Size and Motivational Interviewing. San Diego, CA: Cognella, Inc.

2013    Gunnare, N., Silliman, K., & Neyman Morris, M.  Accuracy of self-reported weight and role of gender, body mass index, weight satisfaction, weighing behavior, and physical activity among rural college students. Body Image, 10(3), 406-410.

2013    Keeler, L, Clifford, D, August, B, Kowalski, P, & Neyman Morris, M.Examination of a peer-led, non-diet nutrition and exercise adherence pilot program on a college campus: FitU. Californian Journal of Health Promotion,11(1), 84-96.

2010    Clifford, D., Keeler, L., Gray, K., Steingrube, A., & Neyman Morris, M.Weight             attitudes predict eating competence among college students. Family & Consumer     Sciences Research Journal, 39(2), 184–193.     

2010    Mathews, L., Neyman Morris, MR, Schneider, J., & Goto, K. The relationship between food security and poor health among female WIC participants. The Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 5(1), 85-99. 

2008    Byrd, K., Silliman, K., & Neyman Morris, M. Impact of a three-year worksite wellness program on employee blood lipid levels. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 6(1), 49-56.

2006    Shive, S.E. & Neyman Morris, M.  Evaluation of the Energize Your Life! social marketing campaign pilot study to increase fruit intake among community college students.  Journal of American College Health, 55(1), 33-39.

2006    Hetherwick, C., Neyman Morris, M., & Silliman, K.  Perceived knowledge, attitudes and practices of California registered dietitians regarding dietary supplements.  Journal of The American Dietetic Association, 106(3), 438-442.

2004    Silliman, K., Rodas-Fortier, K., & Neyman, M. A survey of dietary and exercise habits and perceived barriers to following a healthy lifestyle in a college population. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2(4), 82-91. 

2003    Shive, S. & Neyman, M. Prevalence and predictors of fruit intake among community college women in the Extended Opportunity Program and Services. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 1(1), 91-102.

2002    Neyman, M.R. & Shive, S.E.  Program: Energize Your Life! A social marketing campaign to increase fruit consumption among community college students.  Health Education and Behavior, 29(4), 408-409. 

2000    Neyman, M.R., Block, G., Morris, J., & Zidenberg-Cherr, S.  Nutrition lessons improve Hispanic teenage girls’ knowledge. California Agriculture, 54(6), 57-60. 

2000    Zidenberg-Cherr, S., Neyman, M.R., Fechner, K., Sutherlin, J., Johns, M., Lamp, C., Garrett, C. & Keen, C.L.  Nutrition may influence toxicant susceptibility of children and elderly. California Agriculture, 54(5), 19-25. 

1998    Neyman, M.R., Block, G., Johns, M., Sutherlin, J., McDonald, R.B., & Zidenberg-Cherr, S.  Effect of participation in congregate site meal programs on the energy and nutrient intakes of Hispanic seniors.  Journal of The American Dietetic Association, 98(12), 1460-1462. 

1996    Neyman, M.R., Zidenberg-Cherr, S., & McDonald, R.B.  Effect of participation in congregate site meal programs on the nutritional status of the healthy elderly. Journal of The American Dietetic Association, 96(5), 475-483.

Office Hours

Mon. 8:45-10:45am

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