Nutrition and Food Science

Ashlee Leonard


Hometown: Chico, CA

Major/Option: Nutrition & Food Science (General Dietetics), double option in Nutrition Communications 

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Favorite NFSC Class: NFSC 440 - Advanced Human Nutrition. As challenging of a class as it is, you learn so much about the human body and nutrition. Also, NFSC 120 - Introduction to Food Science. This class really opened up my interest to cook more. I made such delicious food in this class, and it was something I looked forward to doing each week! 

Favorite Part of Being a Student at CSU, Chico: The professors are so amazing! They are patient, kind, understanding, and caring. Many professors have supported me through some of the hardest times that I have experienced while being a student. Also, all the resources the college provides for the students - the college really cares about your well-being and understands all the stressors of being a student.  

Portrait of Ashlee Leonard