Nutrition and Food Science

Hailey West


Hometown: Ojai, CA

Major/Option: Nutrition & Food Science (General Dietetics option)

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2019

Favorite NFSC Class: NFSC 440 - Advanced Human Nutrition. 440 was my favorite class because it goes in depth about the science behind nutrition and its relation to health. I also really enjoyed learning about the various types of vitamins. This was also the first class that everyone who had just gotten into the dietetic program took together, so it was really inspiring to be with a group of students who were just as passionate about nutrition as I am and were seeking the same future careers.

Favorite Part of Being a Student at CSUC: The best thing about being a student at CSU Chico is the tight-knit community, where I have been able to meet wonderful people and life long friends. Unlike other colleges, CSU Chico has a smaller undergraduate enrollment allowing class sizes to be smaller and allowing students to be able to share their ideas in a more intimate setting.