Nutrition and Food Science

Jessa Levy

Vice President

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major/Option: Nutrition & Food Science (Nutrition Management option)

Expected Graduation Date:Spring 2019

Favorite NFSC Class: NFSC 318 - Nutrition & Disease. I loved being able to apply everything I have learned with a mock patient. It was like solving a puzzle by interpreting lab values and using your understanding to treat them. It was a fun experience and the information I took away from the class will be used forever!

Favorite Part of Being a Student at CSUC: I love the sense of community and the beauty of the campus. Every season has its own unique feel and colors on campus and the faculty and students are fun, professional and take pride in being a student at Chico State. We have amazing resources, outlets, and opportunities that should not go missed while being a student at Chico, and the Nutrition department is accepting of all kinds of people. You will get the opportunity to know almost every person in the Nutrition department and there is no shortage of study groups!