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Nutrition and Food Science

Sarahi Calderon

Social Media Director

    Hometown: Monrovia, CA

    Major/Option: Nutrition & Food Science, double option in Food Communications and General Dietetics

    Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2020

    Favorite NFSC Class: NFSC 429 - Cultural Foods. I enjoyed learning about different food cultures from all over the world and experiencing cuisine through different cooking techniques in the lab. I also love how this class has given me a better understanding of how to conduct my own research in a holistic approach. This class overall is beneficial as it gives us a better perspective on topics like malnutrition and problems other countries are currently facing. It will make us more competent as future nutrition professionals. 

    Favorite Part of Being a Student at CSU, Chico: Nature! I love how CSU, Chico is surrounded by trees and greenery everywhere you go. It is a good excuse to go outside, take a break from studying, and enjoy the outdoors!

    Portrait of Sarahi Calderon