Nutrition and Food Science

Officer Positions


  • One year position
  • Conduct weekly meetings
    • Create an agenda and e-mail to Faculty Advisor and Secretary
    • Officer meetings biweekly
    • General meetings biweekly
  • Communicate with officers weekly via e-mail
  • Delegate and manage tasks and events
  • Make informed decisions for the club and manage events, issues, and problems surrounding the club
  • Take care of necessary paperwork and registration for the club to maintain it’s status as a student club

Vice President

  • One year position
  • Communicate with President weekly
  • Create an ice breaker game and trivia for each meeting
          -Plan and obtain prizes for trivia
  • Holds key to NFSA closet, manages closet entry and exit.
  • Support President and step in if the President is unable to make a meeting


  • One year position*
    • *Must be a previous officer (from any semester at any point)
  • Manage finances at Chase Bank
  • Collect dues and keep updated records of members
  • Order cords for graduation

AND Liason

  • One year position
  • Register to be the official AND Student Liaison
  • Keep the club updated on Academy-related events
  • Plan for any professional conferences

Nutrition Educator

  • One year position
  • Plan outreach events
  • Plan volunteer events
  • Support in the planning of other events

Media Director Officer

  • One year position
  • Communicate events and meetings to members
    • Post announcements to the Facebook page, create posters for meetings
  • Send e-mails to Professors requesting that they announce meetings

Communications Officer

  • One semester position
  • Manage and update NFSA glass case board in Tehama and Holt Building

Nutrition Educator Assistant

  • One semester position
  • Meet with Nutrition Educator weekly
  • Help plan events
  • Act as Nutrition Educator in the case of absence


  • One semester position
  • Create a sign-in sheet for members to record attendance
  • Record all that is discussed at each meeting ("Meeting Minutes")

 Fundraising Chair

  • One semester position
  • Design and manage merchandise
  • Set up fundraising events and attend other events to sell merchandise
  • Keep track of finances regarding merchandise sales and report to President and Treasurer

Fundraising Assistant

  • One semester position
  • Meet with Fundraising Chair once per week
  • Assist in forming ideas for merchandise
  • Assist in logistical tasks for purchasing and retrieving merchandise
  • Assist in all sales of merchandise

Events Coordinator

  • One semester position
  • Plan at least two events for each semester
    - Events need to be for fun and for building relationships within NFSA
    - Events must be alcohol and drug-free
    - Events must never be exclusive
    - Professionalism must be upheld during and surrounding each event
  • Meet with Events Coordinator Assistant once per week

Events Coordinator Assistant

  • One semester position
  • Meet with Events Coordinator once per week
  • Assist with planning of events
  • Assist during events
  • Attend all events unless excused due to a valid excuse