Next Generation Mathematics Teachers

Advisors and Math Ed Faculty

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Dr. M.E. Matthews
NGMT Director
M.E. Matthews
Holt 214

Dr. M.E. Matthews is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and has wanted to be a teacher since she was four years old. Her research and practice interests are in K-16 mathematics teacher education and professional development, and she has taught and worked in classrooms in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California.

Matthews has a doctorate and a masters degree in Mathematics Education from Boston University and a B.A. in mathematics from Yale University, where she also completed the Teacher Prep Program.

Dr. Krista Strand
Liberal Studies Mathematics Coordinator
Krista Strand
Holt 106

Dr. Krista Strand is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Chico State with a focus on elementary teacher education.

She has been teaching mathematics for future K-8 teachers since 2008 and has been working with practicing K-8 teachers in professional development settings since 2010.

She is currently the director of a three-year grant-funded project focused on improving equitable access to mathematics and science content in K-12 classrooms throughout the Northernmost counties of California.

Dr. Christin Herrera
LSAMP Curriculum Advisor and Instructor
Christine Herrera
Holt 110

Dr. Christine Herrera is an Assistant Professor in the Department Mathematics and Statistics at CSU, Chico. Dr. Herrera’s research interests include areas of teaching and learning that foster productive struggle and teacher noticing of student thinking at pre-service and in-service levels, and investigating the relationship between student’s conceptual understanding and proof comprehension. 

Christine is the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) curriculum advisor and instructor. She also is the mathematics content specialist for the Community and Instruction for expanding English Learners’ Opportunities Project (CIELO). Christine holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Texas State University, a M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics from Colorado State University.

Dr. Jörgen Berglund
NGMT Faculty, Project M.A.T.H. Director
Jorgen Berglund
Holt 220

Dr. Jörgen Berglund taught high school for several years before completing his PhD in Mathematics. He then began working with pre-service and inservice teachers. His interests include the specialized mathematical knowledge for teaching math, and the impact of mathematical discourse and cognitively demanding tasks on the teaching and learning of mathematics.

He is the director of Project Math and Teaching on the Horizon (M.A.T.H.), an innovative enrichment program for those interested in teaching mathematics in middle or high school classrooms.

Dr. Stephen Strand
Math Ed Faculty
Steve Strand
Holt 315

Dr. Steve Strand is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Chico State. He has been teaching mathematics for the past twelve years, ten of those at the university level. He is passionate about the intersection of mathematics and pedagogy, striving constantly to be the best educator he can be, to enlighten and empower future mathematicians and educators. He is currently involved in a multi-university project to develop inquiry-oriented curricula for Advanced Calculus.

Dr. Brian Lindaman
Math Ed faculty
Brian Lindaman
Holt 112

Dr. Brian Lindaman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, is active in professional development for teachers and has a particular interest in innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching calculus.