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To earn a credential to teach in a single subject mathematics classroom, you need to

Subject Matter Competency

Subject matter competency can be established through an undergraduate major, minor, or post-baccalaureate coursework here at CSU, Chico. It can also be established by taking the California Subject Matter Exams for Teachers (CSET)(opens in new window)

We offer three Mathematics Education options within the BS in Mathematics: Foundational Level Mathematics Education, Mathematics Education, and Mathematics Education - Credential Path. Completing any of the three options not only earns you a BS in Mathematics, it also earns you Subject Matter Competency to teach single subject mathematics.

Foundational Level Math Ed Option (Grade 6 through Algebra 2/Integrated III)

This is our newest option and continues our innovative course and degree offerings. Having just been approved in Spring 2018, you won’t yet find this option in the University Catalog, but our first cohort of students is starting in Fall 2018! We have replaced four of the more mathematically abstract courses in our other option with four courses that are better suited for those interested in teaching mathematics in middle and early high school. Three of the courses are newly designed and built around a collaborative learning model that promotes and values mathematical exploration and discourse. The degree program has been submitted to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for approval as a Foundational Level Subject Matter Competency Waiver program. This allows you to teach single subject mathematics up through sophomore year and most junior year mathematics classes. You can check out the Foundational Mathematics Education Major Academic Plan (MAP) (PDF) approved draft to find out about the suggested coursework in each of your semesters.

Math Ed Option (Grades 6-12)

This degree program combines mathematics classes designed for teachers with traditional undergraduate mathematics classes. This allows you to develop the specialized content knowledge needed for teaching mathematics along with the abstract mathematics that help you become a mathematician. As an approved full waiver program, completion of this program establishes you as subject matter competent to teach any single subject mathematics class 6th through 12th grade. Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, you would go into a year long credential program to earn your credential. You can check out the Math Ed Major Academic Plan (MAP) to find out about the suggested course work in each of your semesters.

Credential Path Option (Grades 6-12)

While all of our options can lead to a credential, this options gets it name from the fact that it combines a mathematics degree, subject matter competency, and a credential into four years. This unique option is intended for the focused student who wants to get into the classroom as quickly as possible. The mathematics courses are the same as those in the the Math Ed Option, so your subject matter competence will allow you to teach any single subject class, grades 6 through 12. You can check out the Credential Path Major Academic Plan (MAP) to find out about the suggested course work in each of your semesters.

Adding On to Another Degree or Credential (Grades 6-10 or 6-9)

If you are interested in earning teaching another subject but want the option to also teach some mathematics classes, there are two paths you can take. To teach grades 6-10, you can complete the calculus pathway of our Foundational Level Math Ed Minor to establish subject matter competency at the foundational level (additional credential coursework may be required.) To teach grades 6-9, you can earn a Subject Matter Authorization (SMA) that can be tagged onto any credential. This may be met by completing the minor and a few units of additional coursework.

Post-baccalaureate but pre-credential?

Individuals seeking to earn SMC after having earned a bachelor’s in another subject area should contact us directly at .

Credential Programs

For all pre-service teachers who have not completed the Credential Path (above), you will need to enroll in a credential program after you have established Subject Matter Competency. SMC is necessary to apply to credential programs. SMC established at Chico State applies to any credential program anywhere in the state of California. CSU, Chico’s Credential Program offers rich teacher training.

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