Next Generation Mathematics Teachers

Why CSU, Chico?

CSU, Chico has long been an innovator in the preparation of mathematics teachers, a reputation we maintain through continued development of courses and programs for those interested in becoming mathematics teachers.

You would be hard pressed to find another university that can match the innovative courses and programs or the dedication and expertise of our math ed faculty.

Innovative Programs and Courses

We offer three Mathematics Education options within the BS in Mathematics:

Completing any of the three options not only earns you a BS in Mathematics, it also earns you Subject Matter Competency to teach single subject mathematics. We also offer a Mathematics Education (PDF) Minor, which, with appropriate choice of courses, can be used to establish subject matter competency.

We recognize that the mathematical knowledge needed by teachers is distinct from the mathematical knowledge needed by practitioners of mathematics, and so we have created courses specifically for those looking to become teachers.

We weave these courses together with general mathematics courses for a rich teacher preparation program.

Mathematics Courses Designed for Teachers

Foundational Level Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education, and Mathematics Education - Credential Path.

Enrichment Programs

  • Math Club: a social group for student to come together to share common interests.

  • Putnam Seminar: Each fall, the Department of Mathematics holds a weekly problem solving seminar for any interested students. Seminar participants may, if they so wish, to become members of the CSU, Chico Putnam Competition Team and participate in this national competition.

  • Undergrad Research Opportunities: There are numerous opportunities to work directly with faculty on mathematics and mathematics education research, including participation in CSU, Chico’s Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates.

Dedicated Faculty and Scholarships

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Math Ed Faculty: Six faculty make up our math ed group, though we all work hand-in-hand with the rest of the general mathematicians, applied mathematicians, and statisticians to help you become a well-rounded mathematician/teacher.

Dedicated Scholarships for Future Mathematics Teachers: Along with general scholarships, we award over $160,000 a year in scholarships for those students working to become mathematics or science teachers.

Need help?

Speak with an advisor to see which program best meets your needs.

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