Northern California Educational Leadership Consortium

Christine Hoyos

Abeo Team, Director
Abeo School Change LLC., Director
NorCal ELC Consultant & Leadership Coach

My Passions/Skills/Assets relevant to NorCal ELC
  • Transformational leadership development and support at all levels
  • Designing and implementing networks of practice
  • Human-centered adult professional learning design and facilitation
  • Sustainable systems thinking and capacity-building
  • Relationships, collaboration, and joy in the work


Personal Goal and Expectations for NorCal ELC


  • Develop and support leaders at all levels in growing individually and collectively to make transformational impact on their systems
  • Engage adult learners in a variety of roles in rigorous and relevant professional learning in service of student learning and their experiences
  • Co-design and create sustainable networks of practice that engage educators across NorCal regions
  • Support the NorCal ELC in developing a reputation for high quality, human-centered, transformational professional learning that positively impacts all learners 


  • Be responsible and responsive to the outcomes of the project and the needs of the NorCal Teams
  • Engage in reflective, constructivist, collaborative relationships in the project
  • Further refine my coaching and facilitative knowledge and skills to always bring my best to the project
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with the people who make up the NorCal ELC
Portrait of Christine Hoyos