College of Natural Sciences

2011–2012: Larry Kirk

Dr. Larry Kirk served as Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry from 1981-2005. He participated in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) from 2005-2010. Besides teaching courses in Biochemistry, his major emphasis at CSU, Chico has been in mentoring students in research. He worked with over 200 students, both undergraduate and graduate students, during his career. Currently, nine of his students are college professors. He was named the university “Outstanding Research Mentor” for the 2009-2010 academic year. Since 2010, Professor Kirk has continued as a part-time faculty member. He has also continued conducting research with students and his collaborators Dr. Larry Hanne and Dr. Joe Greene. His current research deals with using agricultural waste (rice hulls and rice straw) to make biodegradable plastics and also to follow the microbial breakdown of these plastics. During the spring semester of 2011, Dr. Kirk worked for the Army Corps of Engineers at their facility (Engineer Research & Development Center) in Vicksburg, MS. His research there was conducted in the Environmental Laboratory and consisted of a study of microbial breakdown of explosives. He currently serves as one of the directors of the Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance and also as a trustee with the Butte County Mosquito & Vector Control District.