College of Natural Sciences

2014–2015: Neil Schwertman

Neil graduated from Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky in 1958, and enrolled at the United States Naval Academy in the fall of 1960. Neil earned his bachelor’s degree in math in 1964 from Annapolis and served in the U.S. Navy as part of the submarine force for a little over 5 years. Neil returned to college at the University of Kentucky in 1969 and earned his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics in 1974.

Later that same year, Neil joined the Mathematics Department at Chico State. He served twice as Department Chair; the first time from 1977-79 and again from 1995-97. Neil served on numerous committees at the Department, School/College, and University level. Neil authored or coauthored approximately 60 published papers and delivered numerous colloquia and talks at professional meetings. Neil tried to involve students in his research whenever possible. He was very active as a statistical consultant for graduate students, faculty and off-campus clients. Neil was made a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1996 and at that time, he was only the third CSU system-wide faculty member to be selected for this honor.

Neil taught every possible statistics class during his time at Chico State. Teaching these courses was always a source of great joy for him. He continued to teach many of these courses and do statistical consulting during his FERP years from 2002 to 2007. Neil went on to teach for the department as a retired annuitant for 6 more years and for five of those years he taught the honors statistics course as part of the Honors Program. Neil is very proud of being inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society after being nominated for membership by his honors students. Over the years, Neil sent approximately 30 Chico State students off to graduate school in Statistics at the University of Kentucky. One of those students (Edward Rouldes) is completing his Ph.D. and will be joining the department this fall as a new faculty member. Neil fully retired in December 2012.

Since fully retiring, Neil has remained connected with the department by participating in consulting whenever he was available. He enjoys travelling (recently cruising), fishing and hiking. He has been active in the local Trinity United Methodist Church. Neil credits much of his success to the support he has always enjoyed from his wife Marcia. Neil and Marcia both really enjoy the time they spend with their daughters and their granddaughter Matilda.