College of Natural Sciences

Vision & Mission

We care deeply about the success of our students, and we strive to help our students develop a sense of belonging in our academic community. Our discipline-based student organizations, our student-staffed tutoring centers, and our regularly scheduled public seminars and colloquia all help to engage our students in their disciplines.

The College of Natural Sciences is committed to serving the needs of Northern California. Our faculty, staff, and students are involved in a broad range of projects that partner with regional and community groups and businesses to directly benefit the people of the North State.

Our Vision

The College of Natural Sciences will serve as a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow by strengthening our disciplinary and interdisciplinary efforts and by integrating instruction and scholarship. Working together, the faculty, staff, and students improve the public good and support the sustainable development of society through their efforts.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Natural Sciences is to serve as an anchor institution in Northern California for mathematics and the sciences, providing a diverse set of services to our students and the larger community.

Our undergraduate, pre-professional, and graduate programs give students the rigorous theoretical and practical training required for professional and personal success. We provide the cornerstones for a wide variety of technical disciplines beyond our college through our foundational service courses. We strive to instill in the wider campus community an understanding of the nature of science and its importance in modern society. We affirm the importance of serving the community beyond our campus as a resource for mathematics and science expertise.