College of Natural Sciences

Susan Kelly, Ph.D.

Dr. Susan Kelly is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Science Education at Chico State. She is committed to making science learning accessible and equitable for learners, and emphasizes investigations about the natural world.  Her work aims to help students and teachers make connections between the science learned in school and the science in their everyday lives. She bridges these contexts by teaching environmental and earth science, in both formal and informal settings.

Before coming to Chico, she taught introductory science methods to preservice teachers and various introductory undergraduate earth science courses at the University of Illinois, while earning her doctorate. Previously at Montana State University, Kelly directed science education programs focused on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the polar regions and worked with inservice teachers through the Master of Science in Science Education program.

As an education researcher, Dr. Kelly studies how social interactions influence learning. She is interested in designing and studying learning environments where students take ownership of their learning and how teachers support this learning.  She is currently investigating the implicit messages about learning a teacher communicates and how these epistemic messages foster a classroom community where the students do the intellectual work.

Visiting Professor
Science Education