College of Natural Sciences

Rawlins Endowed Professorship in Environmental Literacy

Position Announcement

The Rawlins Endowed Professor in Environmental Literacy was made possible through a generous donation of Jack Rawlins, a resident of Chico.  As Mr. Rawlins progressed through a successful career as a business man, rancher and hunter, he came to realize that environmental problems are not only complex but that it also requires an informed citizenry to work toward solutions.  To advance his vision, he turned to Chico State to educate and train students to become the future stewards to tackle these complex environmental problems.  He recognized that it would require a commitment to enhance their educational experience and opportunities.  To that end, he established the endowment that would help fund a faculty position to advance his vision.  He identified the College of Natural Sciences to administer the endowment and oversee the Professorship. 

The overarching goal of the Rawlins Professorship is to promote environmental literacy and sustainability across the CSU Chico campus and beyond.  The Professorship shall take the lead in championing the University Sustainability Mission in the academic side of sustainability.  The Professorship will also engage with administration, staff and students in increasing awareness of the environmental challenges we face today and into the future and to work toward finding sustainable solutions to these challenges be they local or global.  

The Rawlins Professorship is open to Associate and Full Professors. The Professorship position includes a 3-unit AWTU release to advance goals around sustainability and solution-oriented approaches to environmental problems.  The Rawlins Professorship also entails teaching a General Education (GE) course open to a wide range of students that emphasizes and promotes environmental literacy, sustainability and the role the individual student can play.  The release time is paid for by the Rawlins Professor Endowment.  There is also a small fund set aside for the Professorship to advance their objectives.  The Professorship is a three-year term with the option for a one-time renewal for a total of six years.  The Endowed Professor will regularly update the Dean from the College of Natural Sciences on their accomplishments and objectives.

To apply for this position, please submit a CV to the College of Natural Sciences that specifically addresses

  • accomplishments relevant to the missions and goals of the Professorship
  • a vision of how the applicant would advance the mission and goals if they were awarded the Rawlins Professorship.

Applications are due to the current Rawlins Professor, Colleen Hatfield, by April 22nd.   Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee (Dean Hassenzahl, Dr. Hatfield and Cheri Chastain, Campus Sustainability Manager).  Finalists will be interviews and a decision will be announced in early to mid May.