College of Natural Sciences

Lantis Endowed University Chair

Professor Dr. Monica So was awarded this year's prestigious Lantis Endowed University Chair. 

Professor David Lantis was a faculty member of the Department of Geography who understood that private giving would help enrich the University’s teaching and learning environment. Professor Lantis and his wife, Helen, donated $2 million to endow a University chair in their name.

Professor So will receive a $40,000 award to advance her research and enhance learning through student-centered projects. She is studying the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants from water, using metal-organic frameworks, a class of highly nanoporous solids that are synthetically and chemically “programmable”.

Working with her team of undergraduate researchers, her goal is to program “nanosponges” to remove trace levels of contaminants that are left behind in water by traditional carbon-activated Brita filters. Students will be involved in cutting-edge nanotechnology research, nanosponge reprogramming, and helping promote sustainability. 

Monica So

Dr. Monica So

Physical Chemistry/Material Science