College of Natural Sciences

A Message from the NSC Poster Session Committee

After the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated moving the university online, the NSC poster committee deliberated on whether or not to cancel this year’s poster session. After careful consideration of options and a vote by committee members, a modified virtual poster session without judging was agreed upon. This option provides students and faculty the opportunity to share their research, without adding additional workload to faculty judges who are managing new responsibilities related to online teaching and learning. Alternatively, the NSC poster committee has created a form to provide feedback to any presenter. If you wish to give presenters feedback, please fill out this form. We appreciate your understanding.  

Statement Concerning the security of research:

While we are taking steps to address the security of all participants’ research (explained below), the research will still be published on the web for a short amount of time. If you are worried about having unpublished data presented, please do not include these data on your poster. 

Once abstract submission closes, the presenters will receive permission to edit a folder on Google Drive where they will have until Saturday, April 25th at 5pm to upload their abstract, poster (pdf), and an optional video of them presenting their poster. The presenters will be guided to name their files in a uniform way to aid in ease of searching. The presenters will also be given a disclaimer stating “By being granted permission to edit this folder, I will only upload my poster, abstract and an optional video. I will not post any inappropriate content, or edit, download, copy, or screen grab any information that is not my own.” Undergraduate and graduate student presenters will need to have their faculty mentor approve their materials before they are uploaded. 

On the day of the poster session a link will be added to the College of Natural Science Poster Session website. This link will be to “view only” and individuals will need to sign in with their wildcat mail address (i.e. limiting viewers to only those associated with the University. There will also be a disclaimer on the website stating “By clicking this link, I agree to only view the presented information and not download, copy, or screen grab any information.” 

The day after the poster session, permissions will be changed on the folder so no one will be able to view or edit besides the committee.

While we are doing our best to help ensure the security of your research, ultimately you need to make the decision what research you feel comfortable sharing with students, staff, and faculty within the university for this short amount of time. 

Any other questions or concerns can be forwarded to