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Poster Session

The annual College of Natural Sciences Poster Session is an established event where students, faculty, and clubs have the opportunity to present their original research or student activities to the College, University, and Chico Community.

This event is organized by college faculty members.

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Spring 2022 Winners

The 18th annual poster session was held on Monday, May 2nd, Colusa 100A/B

Judges Award Categories:

Student Class Project 

1st place 

Assessing the Impact of Supplemental Instruction on Student Success at Chico State 

  • Skip Moses, Joseph Shifman, Rica Rebusit, Faith Fatchen
  • Instructor: Robin Donatello 

2nd place 

Girls On The Run 

  • Janet Curiel, Tanya Torres, Ashley Gilmore, Chanpreet Mehmi 
  • Instructor: Mary Lucas 

3rd place 

Wildcat Food Pantry 

  • Priya Kumar, Emily Dinh, Jennifer Ramirez, Pegah Keshavarz, Yulisa Vargas-Cisneros 
  • Instructor: Sarah Brown Blake  

Undergraduate-Faculty Research Category 

1st place:  

Metal bioaccumulation in benthic macroinvertebrates from watersheds affected by the 2018 Camp Fire 

  • Maurice Ledoyen, Sandrine Matiasek, Daniel Pickard
  • Advisor: Sandrine Matiasek 

2nd place: Tie 

Correlating pyroxene crystals in lavas of Mt. Yana with clasts in volcaniclastic debris flow deposits of the Tuscan Formation 

  • Henry Marine, Rachel Teasdale, Andrew Harp
  • Advisor: Rachel Teasdale and Andrew Harp 

Investigations in Synthesizing Biologically-Active Molecules 

  • Daniel Zamudio, Monica Lopez, Dr. Carolynn Arpin
  • Advisor: Carolynn Arpin 

3rd place:   

Post-fire Recovery of Blue Oaks during Prolonged Drought 

  • Natalie Pangilinan
  • Advisor: Kristen Kaczynski  

Graduate-Faculty Research Category 

1st place: 

Wastewater Surveillance of Trends in SARS-CoV-2 Prevalence on Campus 

  • Molly Tuttle, Zoey Anderson, Nery Bautista, Nayellie Barragan-Mejia, Tawny Bolinas, Shannon Hibner, Elena Macias, Dylan Schindel
  • Advisors: Troy Cline, Gerald Cobian 

2nd place:  

Traditional Food Access among the Pit River Tribe of Northern California 

  • Emilio Siaz, Seth Klobodu PhD, Browning Neddeau EdD, Keiko Goto PhD
  • Advisors: Seth Klobodu, Browning Neddeau, Keiko Goto 

3rd place tie: 

Knowledge of Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes among Latinx Students. 

  • Adriana Pompa, Kathryn Silliman, PhD, RDN, Lauren McNamara, MS, RDN
  • Advisor: Kathryn Silliman 

Potential Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Metavolcanic and Serpentinized Ultramafic Rocks in Paradise, CA 

  • Elisabeth Kennedy, Hannah Aird 
  • Advisor: Hannah Aird 

People’s Choice Awards 

Student Class Project 

Parental Knowledge of Food Choking Hazards for Children: A Literature Review 
  • Emily Dinh 

Undergraduate Research (TIE) 

Community overlap between foliar fungal endophytes and leaf decay fungi associated with Quercus chrysolepis leaves 
  • Tawny Aeriel Bolinas, Leeah Schultz, and Gerald Manuel Cobián 
Optimizing Active Area for Improving Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells 
  • Julia Penick, Monica So 
Graduate-Faculty Research 

Seasonal Variation of Avian Influenza Viruses in a Sacramento Valley Wood Duck Population 

  • Caylin Stanley 

 A special thanks to college faculty who organized this event.


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