College of Natural Sciences

BS in Environmental Science

Program Highlights

The success of the Environmental Sciences program lies in the post-graduation successes of our students. As an applied program, the department values employment of our students in the private and governmental sectors. We strive for 100% employment and anecdotal reports show a very high rate of success. Very few of our students go directly into graduate programs; however, those that choose an academic route have been successful with admission to both MS and PhD programs. Many of our students choose to return to graduate school after working for 2-10 years in the consulting or governmental sectors.

As part of the program assessment, the department monitors feedback from employers, graduate schools, and the advisory board. Although largely anecdotal, recurring comments note the strength of our students with regard to field skills, broad geological knowledge, and analytical capabilities. As a department, we continually strive to build on our strengths, employing the standing Advisory Board as well as guest speakers from the private and governmental sectors, to advise us on current trends and best practices.