College of Natural Sciences

BS in Geosciences


The BS in Geosciences is designed for students who plan to become science teachers. It provides students with the required subject matter competency to enter a single-subject credential program in science with a concentration in Geoscience and/or one of the other physical sciences.


The Geoscience BS degree is an approved Subject Matter Preparation Program for Science with a Concentration in Geoscience. Thus it fulfills one of the requirements for admission into a single subject teaching credential program.

Goals & Objectives

The BS Geoscience program is designed to provide graduates with competency in the field of geoscience based on the standards established for single subject competency for secondary education in the School of Education.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will have a broad foundation across the major fields of physical sciences (Chemistry, Geology, Physics)
  2. Students will show competency in college-level mathematics
  3. Students will be able to determine the physical and chemical composition of earth materials and the processes that produced them.
  4. Students will synthesize data to interpret geologic history
  5. Students will understand using a systems approach to solving geoscience problems.
  6. Students will demonstrate an understanding of, and ability to use, the processes and methods of scientific inquiry.
  7. Students can formally communicate the results of geoscience investigations using both oral and written communication skills.
  8. Students will demonstrate competency in disseminating their scientific knowledge to students in a classroom setting.