College of Natural Sciences

NSC Student Success Lab & Advising


Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences Student Success Lab. Our advising team is here to support students who have a declared or prospective major or minor in the College of NSC. We can help you with advising, major exploration, connecting with faculty, learning about our campus and community resources, career and professional development opportunities, and when you simply have questions about your college experience. 

Student Success Lab

Science Building, Room 450

Spring 2024 Lab Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00pm

The Student Success Lab is for anyone majoring in a program in the College of Natural Sciences. You are welcome to use the SSL as a study space and for printing, or if you need help being pointed in the right direction, we can do that. We are here to support you, so please stop by and say hi!


The College of Natural Sciences and Chico State use a dual-advising model. This means that you have a team of advisors working to support you in your academic success and success after college -  professional staff advisors as well as your department advisor in your major. 

To meet with one of our professional staff advisors, please click on a photo below:

Academic Advising Programs

The Academic Advising Programs office is where students find general advising support. Located in the Student Services Center, Room 220, they are the experts on campus policy and often advise students on the topics below:

  • GE Completion
  • GPA Advising
  • Policy Navigation
  • Understanding Advising and Online Registration

Graduation Advising and the Office of the Registrar

Also located in the Student Services Center, in Room 120, are your graduation advisors. The graduation advisors are the experts on campus policy and graduation requirements. Often, your college advisor works with you and the graduation advisors when a team approach is needed. Your graduation advisor will frequently help with the following topics:

  • General Education Substitutions or Exceptions 
  • Your Student Record (updates and changes) 
  • Interpreting Campus Policies