Policies, Regulations and Practices for Incoming Students


The Coordinator is an essential part of your exchange. You may discuss any issues, share information, or just come in to chat!

NSE Office is located in Student Services Center 220 within the Office of Academic Advising Programs.

Call 530-898-5712 to make an appointment. Please, when you call, identify yourself as an NSE student.


It is imperative that you keep your current address and telephone number and e-mail address with the NSE Coordinator. Your health insurance policy number should be with you as well. In addition, carry with you my phone numbers as well as your identification in case. Please.


As soon as you get a mailing address please give it to the NSE Office and also send it to your home school Coordinator. Information delays will be reduced if a current address and telephone number and email address are available. The efficiency of the program, in part, depends on your regular input and cooperation.


E-mail is the primary form of communication from the Chico NSE office and the university in general. Regularly check your account!! Please make sure that we have the correct e-mail address within your Student Portal.

Placement and Duration of Exchange

Exchange Plans

A change of the exchange plan, A or B, cannot be made except in extreme cases and only with approval by the host and home NSE Coordinators.

Extension of Exchange

The Exchange is limited to one academic year. If you are thinking of extending your participation through Spring 2020, you must submit your request to your home school NSE coordinator by September 23, 2019. A decision will be made during the last week of September 2019. Extension is not automatic. Spring 2020 arrivals need to contact their home school NSE Coordinator early in February in order to apply for the fall 2020 program.

Course Parallels and Credit Transfer

Course Parallels/Equivalencies & Credit Transfer

It is your responsibility, the participant, to arrange for the proper transfer of units and credits from CSU, Chico to your home institution. Chico has no authority whatsoever in the matter. It may be necessary for you to secure approvals from your Department. Make sure that this is done before you head out for Chico.

Course Changes

Some changes in your scheduled courses may be inevitable because of unforeseen circumstances. When you add a new course which may affect your major or minor, immediately contact your home school Coordinator to secure approvals.


The University does not have hard copies of your institution's catalog. However, you can easily find it online. 

Academic Policies and Procedures


Each participant is subject to all academic policies in effect at CSU, Chico and the home institution during the time of the Exchange. Each participant is expected to register as a full-time student (at least 12 semester units).


Fall 2019: August 12 - September 6, 2019
Spring 2020: January 6 - January 31, 2020
If you need to adjust your schedule for any reason at all, make sure that you do so during this period which is hassle free!


Your earned grades will be recorded on the CSU, Chico transcript according to existing policies as A, B, C, D, F, I, NC/CR, or WU. Your CSU, Chico grade point average will be similarly derived. You will have an academic record at CSU, Chico. Please see www.csuchico.edu/prs/EMs/2009/09-010.shtml. NSE policy requires that you maintain a 2.5 grade point average in order to participate and continue on the exchange.

Grades When You Return

Whether or not grades from CSU, Chico will be averaged with your existing grades will depend entirely on your home institution policy. Consult your home coordinator for the appropriate policy. Each member institution has its own policy.

Incomplete Grade (I)

At California State University, Chico, an "I" (incomplete) grade turns into an F grade at the end of 12 calendar months at which time it effects your grade point average.

Probation & Disqualification

If you are placed on academic probation or are disqualified at the end of any term during the exchange, your transcript will be so noted. Your academic status at your campus will depend on the policy at your home school. You may not continue on the exchange.

Writing Proficiency (WP)

You may run into a writing proficiency course required of students in a specific major at Chico. Explain your case to the instructor using the NSE (transitory, exchange) for the exemption.

Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)

Contact the NSE Office, SSC 220, 898-5712 immediately. Exemptions, if any, may be made on an individual basis.

Other Concerns


Participants who sign a license with the University Housing (UH) are legally bound by the terms they sign. Any changes in the contract must be clearly written and approved by the UH. There are NO exceptions. Off campus contracts are also, by law, binding between you and the facility owners. Read, particularly the fine print, before you sign.

Health Insurance

You are expected to have a health and accident insurance policy in force while you are on the exchange. A copy of your policy card must be presented to the NSE Office immediately upon registration but no later than the second week of classes.

Money Matters

Plan A participants who will receive financial aid through CSU, Chico must contact Mr. Casey Dinsmore in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship (SSC 250) or by phone at 898-6451. Always identify yourself as NSE incoming student.

Tuition Plan A

Chico's registration and tuition fees

Tuition Plan B

Plan B participants receive funds from their home institution. Proof of payment to the home institution must be provided by July 25, 2019 and December 13, 2019 for fall and spring respectively. Failure to provide proof will lead to course cancellation. If your funds are not immediately available, a letter of your award award from the Financial Aid Office must be presented by end of the second week of classes. Send proof to: James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr. California State University, Chico/NSE, 400 West 1st Street, Chico, CA 95929-0725.

Returning Home

In the past, home institutions have sent materials for reentry - registration, housing, etc., on time. However, the trend now is towards electronic processing. Check you school’s website. We will contact you if we receive the stuff! If you get nervous, call your home coordinator for any schedule update and check your school's web site. Please keep us informed.


Chico sends a transcript to the home coordinator at the end of the semester. However, to make sure this is done in concert with your schedule, feel free to stop at the Student Records Office, SSC 220 and order a copy for yourself. Note that if you have ANY holds (owing funds) for anything at CSU, Chico, your transcript will not be released until the hold is removed.

Transfer to California State University, Chico

The period of the exchange cannot be used to establish residency for fees/tuition purposes. You must apply, on time, if you wish to transfer to Chico. Your application will be properly treated like any other application received. Please see www.csuchico.edu/admissions.