Packing for the Chico NSE Experience

Lighter and lighter is better!

Shopping and Shipping

Although Chico is a small town, yes, we have two shopping malls which are served by B-Line (Butte County Transit), which is free to students with a CSU, Chico Wildcat student ID. Be conservative on how much you bring along. In fact, remember that if you are moving into university housing, space will be predictably limited. The luxury of a den, exercise room and a garage for your Porsche will be a good memory.

I will mention too that we have a marvelous Bookstore. Take a peek on the web site. But also there are other entities which will take your money and sell you anything from toothpaste, T-shirts, posters, key chains and tattoo you too, if you are into that, and will have romance novels as well.


Again check the web for a reading on our weather. Those coming from the frozen lands will be happy here. Those coming from the tropics -- like the Puerto Ricans, might find it a bit warm in August. But hey, we live here and we are confident that you too will make a good go of it. By the way, if you are dreaming of snow boarding, you will be able to get to the slopes in about two hours time!

Do not bring everything you own. After all, you can either buy some things here or your trusted relative may be able to send your belongings.

Shipping to University Village

Your name
C/O University Village
1325 Nord Avenue
Chico, CA 96926

Shipping to NSE Coordinator

You may ship some smaller items to:

c/o James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr.
California State University, Chico
400 W First Street
Chico CA 95929-725

The United States Post Office, UPS, FedEX are all reliable BUT do not lose your receipts and tracking numbers!